Cats, Crafts and Paperbacks

    I’m not into labels, so instead, I’ll tell you who I am and what’s important to me. I have three children, two of whom are now adults. I hold a BFA in Metals and Jewelry. Writing, drawing, crafting and cooking are my hobbies. Though, I’m hoping to make more out of the writing bit. My day job involves working with kids with autism. The gratification from sending my kids off at the end of the year, knowing that I’ve helped them grow socially, emotionally and behaviorally, is worth a whole lot more than my salary. Four cats own me. (And I say that because, let’s face it, cats have humans better trained than we will ever have them) So you’ll probably see quite a few pictures of them.
    Hello, and welcome to my blog. If you’ve stumbled across it, you’re probably interested in cats, crafts, or paperbacks. Or possibly all three.  My goal is to bring helpful information in a positive manner to my readers. What you will see: crafting and holiday decorating ideas, recipes, book reviews, and knowledge from my experiences that you may find useful. What you won’t see: politics, negativity, or judging. Unless you count book reviews, I suppose that is judging somewhat. But it’s only my opinion. Thanks for reading!
Book Reviews
      Occasionally, I will post book reviews of Middle Grade or Young Adult books. I receive no compensation for reviews. All books are chosen by me, as I am not being solicited for reviews. My rating system is based on a number of paw prints.
1 = unoriginal, too awful to finish
2 = not well written, unoriginal
3 = enjoyable to some degree, not completely
              original, predictable 
4 = well written, enjoyable, original
5 = life changing, can’t stop thinking about it