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    When seventeen year old Tofer Mitchell visits his father’s lab, the last thing he expects is to embark on the adventure of his life with four genetically altered girls. With the government, the military, and several of his father’s peers in hot pursuit, Tofer and the girls try to piece together Dr. Mitchell’s mysterious disappearance. They enlist the help of a former colleague only to discover a conspiracy that goes well beyond the small group of experimental humans. 
    Armed with a plan and some unique skills possessed by the girls, the group sets out on a rescue mission. But what will it really take to ensure their safety, and the welfare of others like them? What begins as an act of goodwill on Tofer’s part, turns his entire life upside down. And everything he thinks he knows, is a lie.

Look for release in 2019
Falling for your best friend is never a good idea, especially when he doesn’t even realize you’re gay. Carey Reid finds that out the hard way. Growing up with best friend Brian, Carey is all too aware of the prejudice encountered by LGBT youth, and decides to keep his own bisexuality a secret.
He finally musters the courage to come out and confess his feelings for Brian, but his happiness may be short-lived. In order for Brian to chase his dreams of becoming a Broadway star, Carey must make a decision. Will Carey ever get the happy ending he hopes for?

​Coming soon